Anapen 150mcg and 300mcg (Republic of Ireland)

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Anapen 150mcg and 300mcg (Republic of Ireland)

This medicine is for emergency use only and you should seek immediate medical attention after using your auto-injector.

Your Doctor should have carefully instructed you when to use, and the correct way to use your Anapen auto-injector.  This website is not intended to replace this advice.  If in doubt, talk to your Doctor.


For Medical Information: Irish Freephone 016869342

Link to Patient Information Leaflet.  Further information can be accessed at

Anapen Junior (150mcg) Patient Information Leaflet

Anapen Adult (300mcg) Patient Information Leaflet

  Adverse events should be reported via the following methods:
  • Reporting forms and information can be found at
  • Via email: or
  • Via telephone (01) 676 4971.